Whether online or in person, I can help you find balance and make better choices, working with your doctor.

Health Wellness and Well-Being (Six Month Program)

  • The six month program is unique to each individual. We will look at primary and secondary foods, explore what makes you tick and the blocks that are holding you back to your highest potential. Each session we will take small steps toward goals rather than pushing to make changes. Sessions will include handouts, recipes, books, giveaways, and ongoing support. I can give you a list of foods to eat and not eat, however, we will look at the root cause and guide you in holistic healing, addressing all areas of life. We will look at eating habits, relationships, hygiene, attitude, meditation and exercise along with home practices. Six months is the sweet spot to make lasting, sustainable changes.

    Together, we will face social events, work challenges, holidays, multiple seasons, different ways to utilize self-care, and think through solutions that work for you. Food Changes Everything! Discover how to feel your best, increase your energy. Improve personal relationships making self care a priority in your life. Understand your body better by exploring new foods and reducing cravings. Feel confident in your life's choices by finding your God given gift, your life's purpose and passion. Experience and increase an overall happiness in your life with some specific keys for a lifetime of balance on your new Journey.

  • Meet twice each month for six months
  • Each session is 50 minutes
  • Start with health history, then look at one month, three month and six month goals – make a plan and achieve
  • Session can be in person, Skype or via phone
  • Cost $1170 ($195/month)

Personal Development (4 Weeks)

  • Learn ways to lead with confidence build up, inspire, empower the people around you by fine tuning your ideas and approach with better communication so you may collaborate your thoughts and ideas with others more effectively.

Career and Business Development (4 Weeks)

  • Map out a course of action, Refine and own your career trajectory, Whether a job transition or entrepreneurship. Start a side Hustle. Do it on your own terms. Learn how to plan, assess, and execute complex projects. Increase your focus, productivity and accountability to accomplish more with collaboration.

Meal Planning & Prep

  • A two hour program to write your personalized meal plan, make a grocery list, and prep the food for the week. We will start with a pantry clean-out to see what habits you already have and what tweaks we can make to improve your health. Once we make a meal plan together, we will make a grocery list and prep your food for the week ahead.

Nutritional Consultation with Meal Plan

  • Move toward sustainable changes that work best for you! One hour consultation includes meal plan.

Discovery Coaching Call

  • This call is the time to talk about what's on your mind and how to manage the situation (1 hour and 30 minutes))

Discover Business Strategy Call

  • Schedule a Discover Business Strategy Call (1 hour 15 minutes)

Discovery Call 30 Minutes

  • Schedule a 30 Minute Discovery Call

Awesome Health Cooking Class

  • Awesome Health Cooking Class. This class will need to be a minimum of 5 people $100.00 per class or $20.00 per person.

Awesome Health Per Person $20

  • Please sign up for the Class an individual.

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Someday you’ll learn there is no such thing as someday every second counts today is your someday…

Someday you’ll learn there is no such thing as someday every second counts today is your someday…

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